Founded in 1999, we have developed into a consortium of three companies in Shanghai and Jiangsu, employing 300 people, utilizing over 200 types of machinery and equipment, and employing a professional design team and a production model cooperating with international high-end brands. These resources allow production of 300,000 pieces per year.

From a registered capital of 500 thousand RMB of fixed assets, we have now reached 6 million RMB, and with sufficient liquid assets. Production has expanded from under 1000 square meters of land to 20,000 square meters, with annual sales value up to 50 million RMB. Annual turnover tax is more than two million RMB. Nearly ten million RMB can be used to increase profits or distribution of profits; our investment in the Jiangsu Province includes 50 acres of land for industrial construction and development of new investment projects, laying a good foundation for the next round of development.

Philosophy & Goals

We have been constantly strengthening management while giving attention to the important elements of the clothing fabric production, accumulating considerable experience in the process. Through long-term export processing to form a strong international brand-awareness, and with a keen sensitivity to popular trends, we continue to innovate and to further the use of skillful, creative, and unique elements into fashion. We actively attract talent through promoting our brand, image, and growing involvement in the international clothing sector. All along, we adhere to a high level of quality and a fashion-forward clothing style, which allow us to cooperate with world-renowned fashion brands. Our clothing and accessories are exported to Europe, Japan, the United States, and other regions.

Shanghai Headquarters

Fengsheng Du
Chuan Yang Road, Pudong New Area, No. 580
201201 Shanghai

Tel: 08621-68907082
Fax: 08621-68907083

US Sales Office

Mimi Watt and Yuyu Mao
39520 Glenn Glade
Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Tel: 1-804-647-8888